Wednesday, March 11, 2009

She's a Swimmer Girl

Last weekend, we stayed overnight at a hotel with my fellow ECSE pals and their families. K was a nut ball about the water. She went insane (with joy) when we packed her swim suit (*in fact, she walked around the house before we left with her suit hanging around her neck*),and was so excited to put it on to swim at the hotel. Daddy had to take her in the pool, because mama's swim suits - initially tank style tops, are now closer to a modified bikini with the belly bump in the way. NOT a pretty sight!

Keif went NUTSO in the pool. She was a crazy girl, always trying to flip onto her back, and showing no fear as she kept plunging her face right into the water. She does this at home as well in the bath tub. Just sticks her face right into and under the water and isn't scared at all.
There was one instance where she kept trying to push daddy away, repeatedly saying "I do it!". So, daddy let her go and PLUNK, under the water she went. She learned that she needed daddy to help her. Mama just about keeled over with a heart attack at that little life lesson.
She'll be taking swim lessons again this summer at Elaine's, as Elaine has a swimming pool (YAY). Our little fishie seems to be a natural in the water!


FinnLand said...

I can't believe that swimsuit still fits her! Isn't that from last year? Crossing my fingers that some of the stuff that was too big last summer will still fit Aidan this year...

Soupy said...

oh, that suit isn't the one from last summer! :) our girl is growing too fast- I bought the same suit on clearance in a bigger size- because I love it so much :)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the informative post, Swimming classes should be something that a person takes up when young. Well I guess an adult can also take up swimming lessons. Never too young to try!


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