Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We went to the zoo zoo ZOO!

A week ago, it was a little over 40' outside,so we packed up our girl and her stroller and hit the zoo. What a fun time we had! It was muddy and wet (lots of puddles!) but our girl had a ball clomping around in her boots, and especially seeing the camels, monkeys, and the SHARKS! SHARKS! (yes,she loves sharks!).
Here she is, ready to go! "Cheese, mama!"

Helping push her stroller
Catching up to mama
It was pretty warm out, so we took our hats off
Not a very good picture of the bears, but the 3 Grizzly Bears were napping.
Mama was a tired mama from our busy day outside
Our girl loves to be independent
Showing off her latest "ohh" face: she does this for any news of what we'll be doing, or if she hears something she really likes (pure drama)

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