Sunday, February 08, 2009

PLEASE READ if you have young children:

I have a good friend in Sauk Rapids (MN), and there was recently a tragedy in her church. A couple lost their 2 year old son to a window blind cord accident. Very sad and very traumatic, as you can imagine.My friend just passed on this website and I'm asking you to please look at it, to make sure YOUR home is safe for your children, and to also pass the word on to other people you know. is the site

Here is an email from a parent who lost their son in a blind cord accident:

One thing that would especially helpful to me though, is if you would take some time to look at this website, <>, and then go through your house and make any necessary changes. I really didn't understand the danger of corded blinds. We are led to believe that if you have the cords out of reach it is okay. But after looking at this website, I have realized that no corded blind is safe. I talked to the woman who founded the site I listed above (and also suffered the loss of her 12 month old in a blind accident) and just want to get the word out to as many people as possible so that no one else has to go through this nightmare. Please pass along the website to everyone you know and take time to look at church, daycare and the homes you visit to see if there are changes that should be made there as well. We can't do anything at this point to bring Owen back, but if we can inform others about the dangers of corded blinds and in that way protect their children, that helps to ease our pain a bit.

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