Monday, January 26, 2009

ABC's and art

Our girl is an ABC nut. She loves to sing the "ABC"song all.the.time. and when she sees words, she says "ABC's". She pretends to read many of her books to us lately- complete with holding it in one hand (like a teacher - LOL). Here she is lining up her letters a few weeks ago.

And, I've mentioned it before, our girl also love love loves to color, especially with markers. We started her on the crayons, and she did well with them, but of course, the appeal of the marker is much greater to the little ones. She'll usually ask CJ or I to sit down with her and color, and is good about requesting her "color book" or "blue marker". She is pretty good about keeping the markers on the paper, but occasionally gets carried away with drawing on her hands and face. I was laughing so hard at her last night - I asked her if she wanted to grow a mustache?
What you talkin' 'bout, mama? Yes, I know I'm a silly girl. Thank goodness the markers come off in the tub (or with a baby wipe!)
And I love this picture: it is the "aftermath of an artist" - one who puts much time and devotion to her "works" or art.

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MIP said...

Our boy is pen and marker crazy, he will not let the point go whenever he gets a glimpse of one. I still haven't ventured into allowing him markers, I am afraid of anything less than a crayon :). Looks like Keifer loves them though!


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