Monday, January 26, 2009

Keifer quotes

Things we've been hearing around the Soup household these days:

*K will try to sing along with songs on the radio, and try to repeat the radio call letters back- the other day, as one station was saying their "letters" , she repeated them correctly back.

*She also repeats words she hears on the radio or after CJ and I. This AM on our drive in, she repeated the words "Super bowl" after a comment about it. Funny how she picks up on certain words or phrases.

*If CJ or I go into the garage, for whatever reason (garbage, to get something, to get something from the garage fridge,) K will say "Mama, pop" or "Daddy, pop", as if that's the only thing we go out there for.

*When we leave in the AM, K will ask me, as I turn onto the road to leave, "mama, what doin'?". I tell her mama is driving her to Elaine's and myself to work. Therefore, whenever we leave to go ANYWHERE now, she says "Elaine's house".

*I've mentioned before K now knows "slippery" after a few weeks of slippery road conditions, so now, whenever we drive, it's also always "slippery".

*We are lucky enough to have a library a block away from our house. K is now used to me either bringing her in with me or dropping books off at the book drop. Every time she sees the building she says, "mama, books" and will start trying to sing the "Library" song she hears on an episode of Sesame Street. (I do have to say, I love the educational factor of Sesame Street. I am constantly admiring the way they introduce ideas to the kids).

*When we come home from wherever we are, K now knows we must stop to get the mail. Therefore, as we turn onto our road, we hear "mama, mail! Mama, mail!".

*I have stopped once at a Culver's on the way home after work and we stopped once at Taco Bell with her after going out. Now, whenever we pass the two fast food chains, K recognizes them (how??!) and says, "Mama, eat". Yep, little woman, mama was eating (but not well! LOL).

*Every time we leave the house, K has to call out "bye, Sager, by Treble", and now is saying goodbye to them in the house, too. This AM, she gave Sager a hug goodbye. She loves her puppers and is constantly wanting to know where they are.

So, yes, we are pretty proud of our girl and her vocabulary. I am in constant amazement at her sentences and length of sentences. I swear- it's the books and the fact that we narrate everything we do with her and actually talk TO her. Man, we love her.

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Piccinigirl said...

wow, she is so verbal. I'm so proud of you little K!!!!! I love these stories :)


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