Friday, January 02, 2009

Keifer: a little mommy? And, more musings....

Because we celebrated Christmas with my family in Mexico this year(post to come soon, I promise), we didn't do much in the way of Christmas presents for Keifer. She got a few things from auntie and uncle, and mama and daddy got her Leapfrog Fridge Alphabet which she loves. However, being home for a few days without daycare and after vacation, it was clear to see that our girl needed some more age-appropriate toys.
On Tuesday, I loaded her up and away we went in the snow. I was planning on getting her the Fisher Price Amazing Animal playset in preparation for her future sibling. We stopped at Sam's Club on Tuesday, and low and behold, it was on sale for $20 cheaper than it was originally there. Score! We got that and the Laugh and Learn Purse at Target, also on sale (I highly suggest shopping AFTER Christmas for some deals!).
I was never one who wanted a lot of "noisy" toys for my kids, because I figure they need to develop some sort of imagination and noisy toys just don't really do that. However, after experiencing the Laugh and Learn line from Fisher Price (piggy bank, puppy, kitchen, song and story chair, nursery rhyme CD player), I've come to realize that K is learning A LOT from these toys. She's learning counting, ABC's, knows many nursery rhymes by heart, and she LOVES to dance to the tunes on the kitchen. The purse is also a learning tool, which I'm OK with. Yesterday, when we were on our way out the door, she requested her 'purse", so we took it with and she carried it around like a regular gal on the go.
But back to the amazing animal dolly set. Keifer LOVES this thing. I knew her pretend skills were coming along with her babies, but I realized once we got this home how much she is really coming along with them (the pretend play). She cuddles her new baby (who ironically has similar auburn hair color), she pushes her in the stroller for hours on end, and lays her on the play mat. It's so sweet. Also, Keifer seems to think the dolly's pack and play is for HER. Um, no. It's hard telling her it's for the baby, but it's pretty damn funny to see her working her way into the pack and play. She also tried to get into the zebra swing yesterday. Heee hee. That didn't work. So, this was a purchase I am so glad we got for our "little mama" to be.
Also, more Keifer randomness in the past few days:
*Her latest "more pease some" request is for soup. "More pease some soup", over and over. Our girl, who was once a terrific eater, has gone to crackers, applesauce, bananas and soup. "Nana", "apple sauce", "soup", are the only 3 foods we hear on a regular basis. Forget the protein and veggies and other fruits. Oye.
**When we ate at Outback last night, as we were pulling out, Keifer said "bye bye, soup", as she had a few bites of her daddy's soup.
***Yesterday, CJ shared some Cheetos as a snack with our girl while I was napping. Apparently, the little copy cat was licking Her fingers after CJ licked his, to get that cheesy residue off.
****As I was getting ready the other day, to go and have a chiro appointment and then a play date with Courtney and Aidan, Keifer noticed I have a tattoo on my lower back. She touched it and said, "what?". I said "tattoo", and she repeated, "tat", as she often gets tattoos at Elaine's house and knows what they are.
"More pease some", our girl said, and touched the same exact spot on her lower back.
"You want a tattoo, too?" I asked.
She nodded in agreement.
I told her maybe some day she could get one. I can just imagine Papa rolling his eyes at this one.
*And finally, our girl is insistent that she gets to put on chapstick (lips) just like mama does each and every day. It's a power struggle as I don't want her to be wiping it all over her face, as she thinks it needs to be, just like sunscreen sticks.
As I was flossing my teeth yesterday after lunch, *yes, I brush and floss after every meal*, our girl opened her mouth and said "more some pease". So, I flossed her teeth and she loved it! Ahh, a girl after my own heart! Now, if I could just get her to agree to helping her brush her teeth correctly, instead of sucking the toothpaste off.


kristine said...

So cute! I love all the little updates.
Oh and about the chapstick - Graycen also calls it lips and thinks she needs it, too. UGH!

BrioII said...

Our family company makes Gripit Floss Holders - We have parents tell us they use Gripits to floss young children's teeth because it is easier than trying to get adult fingers into small mouths. The kids then want to try a Gripit themselves and a good habit is formed.


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