Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here's to a great new year in 2009. We have much to look forward to, in 2009. A new baby, Keifer turning 2 (sob), and hopefully many more good times with family and friends.
The past year, 2008, was a mixture of sorts, with both happiness and sadness mixed in. Losing my Papa, and a friend of mine, but also having the joy of celebrating Keifer and her learning each and every day. And of course, we have our fur kids, Treble & Sage, to be so thankful to have. CJ and I enjoyed not one, but two trips to Mexico this year, and we also were able to become PG thanks to an anonymous woman who donated her eggs for me! Wow, it was a year of many tears: tears of joy and tears of sadness.

CJ, Keifer, the puppies and I celebrated New Years Eve over at Corey and Jill's, with Mason and Abby and our puppy cousin, Dexter. It was so much fun. Keifer loves her cousins to pieces: the minute we say we are going to see them, she lights up and starts talking about them. "Mason, Mason!". She has also started singing Mr. Sun by Raffi whenever we talk about or mention Abby, because Abby has been singing that song to Keifer since she was in my belly! Keifer now knows the tune!

We had yummy snacks *oink oink* and Jilly made homemade lasagna, while I brought the fixings for Caesar Salad and garlic/butter bread. Yum. I was stuffed! I enjoyed water and soda, while the others enjoyed their alcohol beverages.

Jilly and I played Pictionary with Abby and a friend of hers, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I haven't played that game in about 10 years, and it was so fun! It was also fun being Abby's partner and trying to communicate through pictures with a 7/8year old! LOL. Then, I played Wii for the first time, bowling against Mason, Abby and Abby's friend, Rae Lynn. Mason kicked our butts! The 4 year old RULES at Wii bowling. Later, Uncle (CJ) and I took the Wii fitness test and played some balance games, as well as ski jumping and downhill skiing. I was sore yesterday from the activity! I can see how the Wii can be majorly addicting! It was especially funny to see Keifer trying to imitate her cousins bowling -she would run towards the T.V. with her little arm outstretched, just like them! LOL.

We ended up putting Keifer in the Pack and Play and staying until 11:30 PM, a late night for Mama! We came home and managed to get K tucked in right around midnight, just in time for CJ and I to say "happy new year" and go to bed!

Yesterday, we all hung out, Keifer happily playing and mama and daddy alternating between sleeping. I took a 3 1/2 hour nap alone! Then, we decided to try bowling for real with Keifer, but the new bowling/arcade center near our house had a 3 hour wait to bowl. Um, no thank you. So we took K to Outback and enjoyed dinner, (and mama had her favorite food, King Crab legs! YUM) before coming home and doing our things (me uploading pics of our trip and daddy going to Best Buy for his toys).

Happy New Year everyone! May your year be filled with happiness, love, joy and new adventures!

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