Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas 2008: In Mexico

Here is it: the vacation recap of our Christmas in Mexico with Keifer in the picture version. I'll do another post about the details, but it just took me an hour to upload alllllllllll these pictures, so here ya go. In no particular order (that would take for-ever!).
We stayed at yet another Riu resort. I highly recommend them. The staff is excellent, the resorts are clean and taken care of, the pools and beaches are pristine, and the food is great. Granted, it gets old after a week, but being all-inclusive, we took advantage of all the food every day. Including snacks and K's favorite "cockcorn", aka popcorn. Hee hee. We stayed at the Riu Playacar. Beautiful. Back in April, Chris and I stayed at one of the Palace's, the Riu Palace Riviera Maya. We also visited other Riu's (being 5 on the strip there) and will discuss them in the other post.
These are just a few of the 200 pictures we took. If you want to see them all, send me a message and I can share them with you. It was hard choosing just a few (ha) to share with you, it is so memorable!

Our girl in her new Santa hat, courtesy of "Santa" on Christmas Day
On Friday, the 26th, my parents and I visited the ancient lost Mayan city of Tulum. I'm not a history buff, but this was fascinating! I'm so glad I went!
look at that beautiful ocean. I didn't want to leave :(
K loved the lit up reindeer. She called them "moo". Hee hee.
One of many, many pics we have of K passed out cold. She had a hard time staying awake at night for dinner.
Our last day, K developed a nasty case of diarrhea and fever. She was teething, so not sure if it was that or a bug.
Our Christmas Day family picture. My parents, brother Darren, and the Soupy family.
Family pic. Keifer wasn't very cooperative with pictures when we wanted her to be.
K loves her Uncle Darren, sooooo much.
She wanted to hold both our hands on our way to dinner.
Passed out on Christmas at dinner.
Monkeys in the tree above us at the
Riu Yucatan - sooo cool! We saw about 5 monkeys, including a baby! Christmas Eve: Keifer did NOT want to sit with Santa!
On the beach. Our girl preferred the pool area, unfortunately. I think the sand was too shifty for her and the waves were too big and loud. Oh well.
Mama & her fave girl
K and her breakfast waiter buddy. He helped me with her a few mornings, and was a great worker. He loved Keifer (we found all the locals did!), and even tried to read "Sheep in a Jeep"! He was so sweet.
Floating in the big pool with mama
Mama's girl is so big
Daddy and K at the swim up bar -she and mama shared pina coladas every day! She loved dunking her orange in it! LOL
Our big girl was always trying to dress in our clothes
Ready to go swimmin', mama! She put the headband on all by herself (our headband girl!)
Passed out yet again at another dinner
Papa and blow-up Santa at the shopping mall across the street. She loved the Santa and the blow up Snowman!
Getting sunscreen on. She loves to help lotion up!
Mama & K in front of a tree- K called them "apple trees" and sang "Twinkle Little Star" EVERYTIME she saw these trees down the paths
Laying out with Uncle and his friend Katie
Going for a walk- our girl loved walkin' down there!
Model girl
Not sure of the ocean with daddy
Kiddie pool with Papa. She loved climbing the ladder, jumping into our arms, lather and repeat. Over and over. Ouch.
Papa's hat!
A view of our beach
Saying goodbye -our last day- K looks sad, doesn't she? I was (she was not feeling well)


MIP said...

So many great pictures! It looks like you guys had an amazing time, and all of Keifer's bathing suits are adorable:)

Wendy and Karen said...

Oh I love all these pictures! Thanks for taking the time to post them all. And now I REALLY want a vacation!


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