Monday, November 13, 2006

Mr. Sun

I had dinner with Jill, Abby and Mason tonight (my SIL, niece, & nephew) as our hubbies are at hockey tryouts. My BIL Corey is assistant coach of a local high school hockey team, and my CJ is helping him out with tryouts this week as a judge. So I got to pick up Abby at school, pick up some pizzas and chow down with my family.

Before I left, I told Abby to pick a song that she'd like to sing to Keifer all the time, so that when Keifer is born, he/she will know her big cousin. Abby chose "Mr. Sun" by Raffi, and proceeded to sing the entire song to my belly, complete with actions that Keifer won't get to enjoy until he/she is born. I can't wait until Keifer and Abby get to meet!

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