Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy, busy

The Soup household is as busy as ever. We only have one child, but I swear, it is insane sometimes how busy we get.
Yesterday, K was overjoyed when Papa Dale, Nana, and Great-Auntie Barbara (she loved saying that name all day!) came to visit. We had lunch at the Cracker Barrel, my mom's favorite, and K indulged in lots of roast beef with her daddy. We were happy, as she has been refusing to eat all proteins lately at home, except for cheese - which then binds her up, which in turn doesn't help her pooping issues.

Anyhoo, then K napped and Daddy and Papa put together her new Little Tikes Kitchen. It is a dream boat of a kitchen. I had read online in reviews that people weren't happy with the amount of time it takes to put together. Well, Papa and Daddy took around 3 hours, give or take, helping each other and voila: it was done. K was a little stunned, to say the least. She was unusually quiet as she investigated the kitchen, and ALL of adults played with the knobs and doors, delighting in how cute it all is. Eventually, she got the hang of it, and soon, was very seriously cooking away to her heart's content. My mom (Nana) also brought her a new step stool for the bathroom, complete with Elmo on it. Well, our girl insists that this is her chair, that needs to be next to the coffee table, and this is where she brings all the food she "cooks". Ahh, that girl has her own mind. **pics of the new Top Chef to come soon!*

Today, we had ushering duties at church, which is always a tich difficult because our girl screams and cries when we leave her in the nursery. We're not sure why: she usually does well with other kids and people, but she is so insecure there. Eventually she was OK, and we took her back for the end of the service, after we did our collection.

Mama and K took a nap, and then we visited my coworker Nicole (Hi, Nicole!) who had a baby girl, Elizabeth, almost 8 weeks ago (already!?). Elizabeth is a doll! So beautiful and tiny and made me itch for our newborn to be here. *sigh*. Keifer didn't mind me holding her and even brought Elizabeth's Nuk for me to give her. However, we found out that Keifer has trouble getting along with others her own age, as Nicole's little Patrick is 2 months younger than K, and all K did was screech and wail and use her "mine" and "no" most of the time we were there. Ahh, K, the joys of growing up and learning how to get along with others. Patrick is just a dolly, too. What a fun house!

Tonight, I'm settling down to watch the Golden Globes, which is my equivalent to the Super Bowl! I love movies, and I love this awards show, as they are a bit looser than the stuffier Academy Awards (Oscars). I'm off for some rainbow sherbet (yum) and to cuddle with my Tboy, who is already snoozing on "his" blanket, waiting for me.

Tomorrow, it's OB appointment after work and the K and I are going to attempt to make it to Baby Ballroom. She doesn't realize this, and I'm so excited to get back into the dancing groove with her! YAY!

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Wendy and Karen said...

Cracker Barrell-- I'm sooooo jealous. I miss that place so much.


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