Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, We Can

I am just an emotional mess lately - I was on pins and needles all day yesterday, especially up until the moment CJ and I took Keifer to our voting precinct. We voted in an extremely speedy amount of time, and from then on, I was waiting with baited breath to see the results. I will tell you, I was in tears whenever I talked about the election with anyone all day: in tears because just 40 years ago, black people weren't even allowed to share the same equal rights as white people, and today, we now have a black President. Even writing this makes me tear up. I get goosebumps whenever I see clips of Obama's acceptance speech.
This is truly a momentous day and makes me feel such hope and excitement about the status of our future, especially for the children of our future. I'm thrilled that Keifer and Soup baby #2 are able to live in a society that for once, isn't about color or race. *crying again*. We are officially in the history books, ladies and gentlemen.
And if you haven't seen this wonderful video, please go and watch this for 4 minutes!


kristine said...

Oh Carrie. I hadn't seen that video before. It made me cry.. pretty damn hard. Last night while watching his acceptance speech - I had the worst case of goosebumps ever whenever he said "yes we can" and the crowd repeated it after him. YES WE CAN!! I have to post this video on my blog, too.

Emilie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was bawling off and on all night (and all morning)! I am SO moved and happy to have been part of this moment ... words can barely express it.

Ann(ie) said...

SO thrilled over here. I'm newly preggo too so I was blaming my intermittent bawling on the hormones. ;) YES we can!!!


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