Monday, November 03, 2008

Poo Poo Party and other weekend tales

Sunday AM: Keifer looks at mama, (daddy is out of town) , and grabs her bum.
"Poop, poop", she says.
"You have to poop? Should we go up in the potty chair?" I ask.
She immediately runs to the stairs and climbs up them to her potty chair in the bathroom. She's been sitting on this thing for weeks, usually fully clothed,but she is obsessed with Mama and Daddy going potty.
She strips down (well, I strip her down) out of her PJ's, and she sits on the toilet for about 5-10 minutes. Suddenly, her little face screws up in concentration and voila: we have poo in the potty chair. Hurray!! She was so proud!!!! Of course, mama wanted to throw up from the smell and our girl's pride didn't want her to STOP sitting on the chair. We had a battle for her to get off the chair, and mama finally won. Whew. Hurray for a poo in the potty.
Of course, she later woke up from a nap with a full load in her drawers, but she is getting it!


Saturday night, I gave Keifer a bath and she has lately started scratching at her bum; we think the warm water might make her itch (dry skin). As I was getting her dressed for the night, she looked at me, and scratched her bum, telling me "bum itch, bum itch". Yes, sweet girl, your bum must ITCH. Amazing.


Sunday was beautiful here in MN. It was close to 70 degrees, clear blue sky, and just perfect outside. Since daddy was gone, I decided I'd brave the terrible tantrum possibility and take our girl to the zoo. It was a beautiful afternoon.
I had to use the potty, and as I sat there, tinkling, telling Keifer "tinkle, tinkle" she started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". LOL. Yes, tinkle = twinkle to her. It's better than her saying "toot, toot" every time mommy sits down to potty. She has learned what "toots" are, and associates "toots" with potty now.

We looked at fish, sharks and dolphins, but K preferred the sharks over all the fish in the inside exhibit. "Where Shark go?" she'd ask me, every time the shark swam out of view. "Here he comes," I'd tell her and sure enough, there he would be. She loved it.

She also loved watching the monkeys play. I told her one monkey was drinking water,so the rest of the time we watched the dozen or so monkeys, she kept saying "monkey water, monkey water".

After the monkeys, as we sat in the bathroom while I tinkled and was washing up, Keifer kept asking "where monkey go?". I told her the monkeys were outside and we'd see them later. "Why?", she asked. "WHY? WHY?". Wow. My girl is asking me WHY already? Crazy. I tried to explain we had other animals to see,but was in bewilderment that she even asked WHY?

Outside, she wanted "down" of her stroller, so I hooked up her puppy backpack and off she went. I had some amused grins and looks, and a couple comments about how cute it was to have our girl on a leash. One man made a comment to me, but I wasn't sure if he was serious or mocking me. Oh well. Anyhoo,our girl did great on the leash, and then we stopped for about 30 minutes to play on the playground. Such joy on her face, such pride when she was able to slide on her own, free of mommy's help.

Then, it was time to stop the playground fun and re-hook up to her backpack. "Puppy OFF, puppy OFF" , she screamed, and threw herself down on the sidewalk, screaming and flailing and putting her face on the pavement. More amused looks and grins of "been there, done that", from people.

Fine. Puppy off, you go in stroller, because an 18 month old on the loose just isn't productive when trying to leave the zoo. Oh no. Not happy. Slides OUT of the stroller onto the pavement, screaming. Mommy had to finally carry the child out of the zoo, huffing and puffing, but at least I had a "helper" pushing the stroller from my arms. Oh, the joy, especially when mommy is huffing and puffing trying to keep her lunch in her stomach, too. Hee hee.


I have noticed that Keifer not only associates Mommy with Daddy and Papa with Nana,but she also now needs to know where everything has gone. "Where ___ go?" is a common question we here on a daily basis. We may see an airplane in the sky, and suddenly, all I'll here is "Where airplane go?". I have to explain then, that ______ is bye bye. That seems to placate her. She is putting things together - that things go bye bye, and that people belong together. I love to see and learn about how her little mind is working. It is a cool, cool thing to watch grow.

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Wendy and Karen said...

Oh Wow! She is doing so great. Congrats on the potty progress and all of her accomplishments.


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