Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dismissed! Ultrasound #2 update:

Whew. Yesterday afternoon, I had my "final' ultrasound with our clinic. All is looking well for Soupbaby #2 - the measurements are all within a day of it's conception (yea!), and we could clearly see the flickering heartbeat inside it's little chest. It is a miracle. The measurement of the heartbeat rate came in around 180 or so, which is perfect for the little bugger right now. It will calm down some in a few weeks, but right now, it's right on target.
When the ultrasound wand first started looking around, we could immediately see the sac and the baby inside, but we also saw ANOTHER sac right next to the baby's. Um, what was that? Upon further investigation, the doctor declared it to be a blood clot, and not an empty sac that might've been another baby. It's amazing how they can even figure these things out. Anyhow, she pointed out the area that was blood, and said it shouldn't be an issue to have. That might explain the reason I've been spotting for a few weeks, though, which is a relief (in a way).
So all is well, my due date is still estimated to be around June 18, 2009, and I have been OKed to leave to my regular OB. I have my first appointment already set up for next Friday, the 14th, and we'll see from there what my OB wants me to do about the progesterone and estrogen supplements. Usually, my clinic wants me to be on them until around 11 or 12 weeks, but depending on the levels, it might be OK to go off them sooner. We'll see next week.

And in other PG news, although I had commented I wasn't gaining weight yet, and feeling not that hungry, well, that has changed. Suddenly, I have this immense hunger deep in my stomach ALL the time, and eating or not eating isn't helping the morning sickness, either. In the last week, I've noticed my "spare tire" roll of fat has returned and that suddenly, my bum isn't as small as it was a few weeks ago. Dammit, here comes the PG fat. LOL. I'm happy for it, but why does it go to the bum and legs first? I would've been at the gym more often this week, but sleep overruled exercise. I've been ready to pass out upon return home after work, and last night, was in bed by 7:30 sleeping (out cold!) until the AM alarm rings.


MIP said...

I hear you on the hunger (and sleep)! It seems that no sooner have I finished eating that I am hungry again. No wonder the pounds add on. And my average bedtime the last week, 9:00.

Wendy and Karen said...

I'm so relieved to read about your ultrasound. Hurray for a June baby!


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