Thursday, November 06, 2008

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book

Last week, the Elementary school I work in had their book fair. I picked up this book for both my classes and Keifer, and am in love.
It's The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett, and once again, she has amazed me. Her illustrations are always over the top with beauty and detail, and the story itself is a timeless classic retold in an Alaskan theme. This is the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but it's about Aloo-ki visiting the bears home while they are off on a walk, letting their soup cool. Aloo-ki goes through the bears' things, and just like Goldilocks, leaves her experiences out for the bears to find upon their return home. It is a wonderful book to add to your collection! And, I especially like the fact that it teaches children about some of the Alaskan cultures (ie diversity!), which is important for me when teaching Keifer about life.

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Queen Bee said...

Hi there! Did you Jan Brett will be at Barnes and Noble at the MOA on Saturday? Here's the link:,%20MN%20Minneapolis,%20MN

Glad to hear all is well!
Sara and crew


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