Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How did 18 months go this fast?

"Hello, Papa(s)? Nana(s)? I have some news!
I went to the doctor and got more shots and am still in the higher percentiles for my age!"

Keifer's 18 month old stats:

  • Weight: 29 lbs, 14 ounces--95% (the lowest she's ever been *gasp*)
  • Length: 34 1/2 inches -- 97%
  • Head: 19 1/2 centimeters --97%
  • Can someone please tell me where the past 18 months have gone? Have you seen my baby girl? My baby Keifer is not a "baby" anymore. She has grown into this big monster of a girl, who doesn't simply walk anywhere. Oh no, she runs and dances and practically skips away as fast as she can go, her little motor inside her saying "go go go".
  • Keifer continues to love music with a passion. If she doesn't like the song I have on the radio or CD playing, she makes herself clear from the back seat that this "song" isn't going to cut it. When she hears one she does approve of, she'll clap and say "yay". I cannot even begin to count the number of words she's using, but she's moved into two-word phrases, and is so funny. Besides the usual "want ___", "hi, ____", she's also saying to inanimate objects, such as apples. We had to say "hi, apples" to the apples in the orchard this past weekend, and of course, we always have to say goodbye to everything and everyone as well. Our girl is a social being.
  • She also continues to love her dancing to the music, and Baby Ballroom is the highlight of both mama and K's week. Mama isn't able to lift her anymore, since I have restrictions on my PG and not lifting over 20 lbs, but the girls at class have been bending over backwards to help with Keifer, and for that, I am so grateful. Keifer's highlight of the dance class is usually the parachute songs and games, and at the end of parachute, we have to say goodbye to 'chute' and blow many kisses. She has to know it's going bye-bye.
  • Keifer is also putting people in her lives together in her little mind. For example, when I pick her up, she'll put her hands up in the air in that questioning "where" stance, and say "daddy? daddy?". Or, if she sees Nana, but not Papa, she'll say to Nana, "Papa? Papa?", and vice versa with whoever she sees minus their partner. Abby is her beloved cousin lately. Abby was here a few weeks ago and Keifer literally shrieks with love and joy and throws herself into Abby's arms. I told Abby next summer she might have to stay with us a day of the week to entertain Keifer, who thinks the moon and sun rises and sets on her. It's so heartwarming to watch this relationship grow.
  • Keifer has unfortunately started biting our friends at daycare as recently as the past week, so we're working on using words instead of our mouth and teeth. She's started picking up the sign for "help" and "stop" and I encourage her to use these instead of her mouth. Ugg. I've become the parent of "that child". It's humiliating, yet I've been hearing more and more from other parents that their children went through this as well. We're working hard on this. Today, our girl did better, she was constantly praised for NOT chomping on a friend, and she received a certificate for being kind to her friends *giggle*. If anyone has any more tips on how to put the kabosh on this, we'd love to hear!

Running around Auntie & Uncle's back yard in /through the leaves Where's Nana?
Up, up, up the tree
She liked the pumpkins on Saturday
But she especially loved baby Aidan
He was a fun baby (she kept swooning over him all day)


Marketing Mama said...

Have you seen the book "Teeth are not for biting?"

Two thumbs up. We also like "Hands are not for hitting"

Wow... 18 months went by really fast!

MIP said...

Don't worry, ours is that child too. If you figure out anything that helps, let us know:) Congrats again!

Wendy and Karen said...

Wonderful update!

Piccinigirl said...

Keifer you are so beautiful and happy and amazing.I just know you are going to be an awesome big sister!!!


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