Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poor K: she's got the sickies again

Well, exactly one month to the weekend night, K once again has the respiratory crud that she had before. She was awake off and on from 3AM until 6:30 AM today. CJ went in to change her diaper and called me: she had the chest retractions again, and needed to be nebulized immediately. It seemed to help, but 2 hours later, she needed another treatment. Of course, today we had scheduled her 18 month/Halloween pictures, so we rescheduled those until next Saturday.

After lunch, CJ and I took our girl to Urgent Care, where she received steroids and another treatment from the doctor. They wanted to monitor her reaction to the medications, and once satisfied with her breathing, sent us on our way with our prescriptions for more steroids. Ahh, the fun of medicating our little one. Poor girl. She's been so good throughout all this, even though she cried and screamed when the poor doctor only wanted to listen to her heartbeat. You'd have thought she was getting her shots again the way she was resisting.
She's now in bed, after whimpering for mommy to come and rub her face so she could get to sleep. Of course, I obliged her. My poor angel girl.


thoughts and ramblings said...

Poor Keifer!!! I hope she feels better soon.

Carrie...Gracie was the exact same way. We have a nebulizer too and we used it a LOT when G was younger. If you wanna talk or anything, I'm here!!!

Love ya,

MIP said...

Oh, poor baby (and mama). Hopefully she starts feeling better, that it hard for everyone. Fortunately it sounds like Keifer tough little girl, I am sure she will be feeling well in no time:). Thanks so much for the congrats, I am totally excited to be going through this at the same time. Small world!


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