Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallow- WEEN!

Happy Halloween from the Soup family. Pics to come soon- Isn't it just so that the older and more ACTIVE Keifer is getting, the less and less pictures I have to post? Ahh, yes. Life in our house is busy and I have pictures to upload but have been too tired at night to do so!
Soon, I promise...............
and yes, K is saying "hallow - WEEN!" just like a song we sing at Baby ballroom. She also learned "trick or treat" at Elaine' s yesterday when they had their party. Our girl apparently got VERY upset when she was denied from eating ALL the candy she collected in her bag. (hee hee).
We aren't taking her trick or treating- she just won't "get" the whole idea of what this is all about, and we don't really want her eating a ton of unwanted CANDY, nor do daddy and I want it, soo..............there's always next year :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Soup Family.

Hope it has been a good one. I am currently in New York, experiencing my first Halloween- I must say it has been interesting...

Michele (Moosh) said...

Just catching up! Happy Halloween! Maddie was her beautiful pink fairy butterfly (aka..her dance recital costume all over again..heehee) and Alex was a big bad wolf. Ha! Maybe someday we'll all go trick or treating together... ;-)


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