Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make it stop...."I know!"

Dear Lord, make the morning sickness STOP. I am SO thankful and blessed to be PG again, thanks to our anonymous egg donor, etc. etc...but the morning sickness has GOT to stop. I'm around 7 weeks PG at this point, and this is when it "hit me" last PG. Ugg. I cannot handle feeling like this. Deep breathing, drinking my Ginger Brew, and sucking on candies. Nothing really seems to help. Daddy is leaving town on Saturday for the night, and K and I are going to stay home. I just pray that my sickies stay away so I can take care of my girl.

The spotting has slowed down A LOT. Thank God.
Feeling crampy off and on, but nothing like last week. Whew.
My boobs are getting a bit bigger, and are starting to FINALLY feel a bit sensitive. YAY for a chest again (hee hee).

I was feeling really good last night, so I hit the gym and did some moderate cardio on the treadmill for 35 minutes, and some light weights and squats. My legs are feeling it this AM. I don't want to turn into Jello legs like I did last time. I have to keep up with my Keifer girl, and make sure I can still handle her when she decides to throw her tantrums. Hee hee.

I have to say, last PG I was thrilled when I started pouching out and getting "plump" in my baby area, but this time, I haven't gained any weight whatsoever YET. This makes me happy. I''m not ready to trade in my new clothes I worked hard to wear YET for the maternity stuff. I have all winter to wear it :)

Keifer's latest phrase, besides EVERY darn thing we say in her parroting voice, is to say "I KNOW" just like mama does. Hee hee. I said something to CJ this AM and I heard her voice pipe up from her room in response, "I KNOW!". Oh, she is a joy!


thoughts and ramblings said...

Hey Carrie. Just wanted to stop by and give you a little encouragement.

When I found out I was pg with Morgan, Gracie had just turned a year old. I was SOOOOOOO sick all the time....SUPER sick...meaning throwing up several times a day EVERY day...and I was a stay at home it was just me taking care of her every day.

You WILL BE FINE! I know it's scary and annoying and everything, but you WILL survive it. It will get better, I promise.

Just think of that beautiful precious baby growing inside of you and know that it is ALL worth it!



kristine said...

It does suck but you will make it. It's hard figuring out how to handle the sickness and take care of a toddler but you can do it. You just have to figure out what works for you.

Peeveme said...

Ug. Sorry about the sickness. It does make life pretty hard. I had it pretty bad with my first pregnancy. If I am lucky to have a successful 2nd pregnancy It will be hard with a toddler.

Feel free to disregard this assvice but I found taking a 1/2 unisom at night not only helped my sleep but it took the edge of the m/s most of the next day. I can understand if you don't want to take anything but it's been proven to be safe for pregnant laddies. Just FYI.

It wont last forever. It just feels that way right now.

Bookerson said...

Morning sickness is a great sign of a healthy pg. Wonderful news from one egg donor mommy to another!

Cindy said...


hope you are doing okay tonight!

Piccinigirl said...

BOO, on morning sickness and I know from what I speak, since I threw up for 35 weeks. I have such empathy, esp since you have K in your life now and she needs/wants/deserves mommy time, so I hope that it gets better in time. I know that if I was as sick as I was last time, I could never take care of the boys too, I could barely take care of myself. YUCK!

thinking of you and sending anti nausea thoughts to you, get the prescription sweetie, take the edge off. :)


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