Friday, September 05, 2008

Mini-vacation for CJ & I: booked!

In mid-October, I'll have 2 days off for Minnesota's education seminars, and this year, CJ and I have decided to go away for a night/2 days for mini-vacation. We haven't gone away together since, well, April to Mexico, and although it was not that long ago, I crave my time with main man, CJ. The timing is perfect, too: I'll either have found out I'm Pregnant due to IVF with donor eggs, or I'll have found out I'm NOT pregnant. Either way, it will be much needed for CJ and I to connect.

I'm really excited because we'll be traveling to the
St. James Hotel in Red Wing, which is a beautiful small city in southern Minnesota, full of many outdoor activities and kitschy little shops. It sits right on the Mississippi River, and when I booked our room, I nabbed us the one room in our price range that has the river view. This time of year in Minnesota is especially beautiful, as the leaves on all the trees will be changing colors, and it's a breathtaking view on our drive South. YAY for a fun time in October to look forward to.

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Piccinigirl said...

sounds like a perfect place to celebrate (Because I am keeping my positive attitude about this cycle)

have fun!!!


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