Friday, September 05, 2008

16 months going on 12 years

Keifer is riot lately. She's been pushing CJ and I's buttons like a mad woman. She is becoming so independent and sassy with her chatter and I swear the terrible 2's have begun already. It's insane how fast she is growing, each and every day. I 've made myself a list of things to blog about because everyday I marvel at the fact that she is a GENIUS and I'm in awe that she came out of me!! LOL.

I'm just going to list things in random order, because to sit and talk about them would go on forever. Yes, I've said it before, but I've become "that mom" who gushes about their kid 24/7, and it literally kills me to go places without her little body in my backseat.
Lately, K will:
  • follow one-step directions, sometimes 2-step. Example, "Keifer, pick up your keys (there) and bring them to Papa".
  • Plays like a fiend with every type of car/truck/digger imaginable. She loves cars. She loves cars in books, cars on the road, and diggers/semi-trucks that are doing construction near our house. She will make the "vroom" sounds with her blubbery lips, and pushes them appropriately. Her cousin Mason gave her some little matchbox cars, and now when we get home, they are the first thing she gets out to play with. Crazy.
  • Daddy taught her what "geese' are the other day, and now when she hears them honking outside our house or sees them flying overhead, she'll automatically say "seese, seese!". I don't know who is prouder, mama and daddy or Keifer Lynn!
  • She has a new stroller that she loves to push around the house. She has her routine pattern of where she pushes it, and Treble usually gets the brunt end of K's pushing. Poor guy, he puts up with a lot. But, do not assume that because she is pushing her stroller a doll baby or animal goes in the seat. Oh, no! The stroller remains empty (for now!).
  • K is now sitting in a booster seat at daycare at Elaine's house. Again, she is one proud as punch girl about this. Despite the fact that she tosses most of her food and still isn't able to eat off plates for fear of dumping the food, she is doing pretty well. *(sigh on the plates and utensils not working out yet)*
  • K now knows how to turn many of her toys off and on. Interesting, very interesting. The other day she was intently studying me turning the radio stations by pushing the buttons on the dash. It's not too far off that she'll be trying this herself. We already know TV remotes are a favorite of hers.
  • K loves keys. Papa Dale gave her a new keyring of every type and size of key chains and keys made. She loves them, her "eys!".
  • K loves the book The Owl and the Pussycat, not for the story. It's one of her 'car books', that she only sees in the car when mama drives. She loves this book illustrated by Jan Brett because of the pictures, of the fish and the turtles! Oh, so pretty.
  • K enjoys her Little People zoo and lately, her favorite is the kangaroo "hop hop hop". She also will pretend to whistle when the bird sings. Funny, because neither CJ nor I can remember pretending to whistle to the bird's song.
  • When you talk to Keifer, she will nod back at you. You can ask her a question, and she'll nod "yes" be it "are you hungry" or "do you want to move to Alaska?". She loves to nod. LOL.
  • She loves to eat and say "soup" and she has recently started saying "apple" and "later" clear as a bell. It makes my heart tingle when she says these last two words in her sweet little, clear voice; the voice that isn't a baby voice anymore, it's now a "big girl" voice, and it makes me want to cry. Next week she's going to be 17 months, and pretty soon, the 2 year birthday will be looming, and I don't know how I"m going to react to that. Oye.


Jennifer Prince said...

LOL! Addie most often has random things in her stroller/shopping cart as well. Yesterday she even my flip flops in it. Glad my girl isn't the only one!!!

Wendy and Karen said...

What a fabulous update. She really is amazing.

And I love the bathtub pictures. I haven't turned the shower onto Kylie--now I have to go try it!


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