Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vacation, all I ever wanted....Vacation, happy to get away.....

Ahhh, Viva Mexico! It has been one full week since we came home from Cancun, but it flew by. It seems as though we were just stepping excitedly onto the plane to leave, with heavy hearts (because of our girl), yet giddy at the thought of some SLEEP and alone time.

I found out on vacation that yes, indeed, I have turned into "That mom". You know, the one who NEVER. STOPS. TALKING. ABOUT. THEIR. CHILD. I'm sure CJ's brother Corey and SIL Jill were ready to strangle me. But I couldn't help it. I missed my girl so fiercely, it literally hurt. There were many couples with babies at the resort, and CJ and found ourselves going "honey, look....the baby!", whenever we saw them. There was one little girl who we found out was right about K's age, which made us miss her all the more, and another little 9 month old girl ( I asked! LOL), who had her swimsuit! *sigh*. Talk about heartsick.

We called home just about once a day to find out about her adventures with Nana and Papa. Of course, Keifer was fine and so loved and busy, but was very hard to not see her and kiss her. And the fur kids, of course! I miss my Sassy Sager not cuddling up against my back or legs every night in bed. are some pics of our awesome time in Cancun Riviera Maya. We stayed at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya (not to be confused with the 4 other Riu properties on the same street as us). It was heaven on earth. Food galore. There were the restaurants that you had to make reservations for, and the buffet place to eat for all three meals of the day. We ate and ate and ate. I literally gained about 8 pounds just being down there eating. I love the fresh juices and fresh guacamole! Ugg...I miss it! We had dinner 2 nights at the "reservation" places: the Steak house and the Japanese (sushi, anyone?). This place had a wonderful entertainment staff that worked their arses off day and night, and a beautiful central courtyard with live entertainment every night. However, our rooms faced the courtyard, and that was the one downside to our stay. We could hear EVERYTHING entertainment wise in our rooms at night; not so nice if you want to get to bed early, as I did 2 of the 5 nights. The beds were hard as rocks, but some people don't' mind that. How can you not like your fridge being restocked every day with soda, beer, and waters, and being able to eat and drink WHENEVER you want? Ahh, heaven on earth. I hope we get to see Mexico again.

Here are some pics:

Check in always has a drink for you in Mexico!
CJ coming out of our room: Corey & Jill's were on one side, ours on the other
exploring the grounds - the hotel is like a "palace' behind us
The beautiful beach at sunset our first night (those big "whale" things are the sand bags)
Jilly & I walking through the elegant lobby, the day we went to downtown Playa Del Carmen's famous "5th Avenue"
5th Avenue, looking towards the gorgeous ocean
Bourban Street bar at 11AM! ahhh, the life.
Dinner out at the Japanese restaurant
Jilly & I relaxing in the Infinity pool - so cool, refreshing, and relaxing...*sigh*

the brothers on their way to go para-sailing
up, up , and away!

hanging out at a "table" in the pool
Jilly & I loved to eat, eat, eat......
Mama & Daddy having fun
The brothers enjoy their last night with a stogie


MIP said...

Great pictures, it looks like you two had a wonderful time!

Piccinigirl said...

the pics are great, what a gorgeous resort.
BTW, you look amazing and you and CJ look so happy. Like GOOD THINGS are coming!!!! :)

kristine said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You two look very happy. I am jealous of the vacay!


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