Sunday, September 14, 2008

Introducing the latest addition to the Soupy family:

Meet DEXTER!! He's a 9 or 10 week old rescued mutt..............and he is NOT ours!! He is Corey and Jill and Abby and Mason's new puppy!

Friday night, CJ and I babysat the cousins, which sent Keifer into hog heaven. She loves Abby more than life itself, I think, and having Abby here was wonderful. Mason could take her or leave her. LOL. Abby was a great help, and the cousins did fine staying at our house overnight. Saturday AM, Corey and Jill went to pick the puppy up and
surprised the kids at our house with him.

He is a DOLL! A tiny little ball or fur. His body underneath literally is almost as small as a squirrel (maybe?) and he's light as a feather. He was a bit nervous, but did great. Keifer was ecstatic to meet him, and chased him around, saying "puppy, puppy!" about a 100 million times. Treble was scared poopless that we were keeping him and visibly relieved when he left. Sager wanted to get him revved up but he got a bit spooked. Thanksgiving should be interesting this year at Nana Marge and Papa Jim's with 3 dogs and 3 kids!

Initially Dexter's name was going to be Baxter (Anchorman, anyone?), but Abby kept mistakenly calling him Dexter. So Dex it is: Dexter Baxter Sparky. The Sparky is Mason's add-on. Keifer and I visited them tonight and we loved on him some more. I hope Sage and Tboy don't get mad at me for sharing my love. He totally gave me puppy fever, but I'm hoping to channel that desire into another baby. Please?

Jilly is an excited new puppy mommy
K was in love immediately
trying to give kisses
our sweet angel girl, posing as usual
hugging her big cousin, with so much love
cousins: the line-up

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Wendy and Karen said...

Welcome to the new family member.

And Dexter is a great name!


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