Sunday, September 14, 2008

OWIE!! Bite me

K has started biting herself. Last week, she was chomping on her fist while in the back seat and eventually she learned how to gag herself. I did not want that to become a habit, so I was very firm and loud with my "no" to her, loud enough to make her cry. So far, she hasn't done the gagging anymore *knock on wood* I know it's a common thing for toddlers to do because it is such an intense reaction. Ewww. Yesterday, we were at the grosh (grocery store) waiting to check out and she started chomping on her own forearm. Ouch. I am talking BIG ol' bite marks: in the perfect shape of her mouth. Two of them as plain as day on her arm. Nice. She looks like she was attacked by another child her age. Then she would hold her arm out to me, whine and say "owwww". Crazy kid.

K also likes to drink her milk or water and then let it run out over her chin, onto her chest and clothes. Me: I'm not digging that so much. We take the cup away right away. Oye.

Night #1 of going to bed with NO BAA (bottle) and it was a success. No crying! YAHOO! I found the tip in a book about weaning her baa every night: start with 8 ounces, and eventually fill it only to 2 ounces on the last night. Then, no more baa. Every night we've done this, and we've showed her her 4 different Nuks that she has to choose from to chomp on, suck on, whatever she wants, just to self-soother herself. She has never been a thumbsucker or a Nuk sucker, but she has caught on to the Nuk now instead of her beloved "baa baa" (imagine that "baa" in a heartsick little toddler voice, crying to you). Ouch, it hurt, but she's done now! Cross your fingers we have said goodbye to the baa once and for all. When I was backing out of the room tonight, she requested "baa?" again, and I said "bye bye, baa" and that seemed to satisfy her. So far, no peeps, and I think we should be OK from now on. Whew. We made it to our 18 month appointment next month Baa-free! LOL.

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MIP said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I am not the only one with a child who does these things! The MR does both of those things, he has actually managed to successfully toss up come beans once with the gagging thing. Nice to know it's not just me.


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