Friday, August 08, 2008

Tackle mama.....

This is one of K's favorite things to play. She is such a cuddle bug on most days, and is into kissing anyone and everyone. Watch out, boys everywhere. But I digress......
When we're home, playing on the floor, she often comes over to sit on my lap, and usually will start bouncing up and down, in hopes I"ll start her Tick tock song and throw her about. Our little game we play is I'll lie down on the floor and say "oh no, don't get me" and she'll squeal and laugh and come over to "get me" with a loving tackle. At first, she used to get so excited she actually would sometimes bite me (um, OW), but has learned that is a no-no. Like our "headless" shot here of us tackling each other?
What's funny too, is if I attempt to do sit-ups with K in the room, she thinks its our tackle game. And - when I'm breathing out in exhaustion and misery, she'll imitate me huffing and puffing by blowing herself. LOL.

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Wendy & Karen said...

That is so sweet!


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