Friday, August 08, 2008

Baby, baby, baby: I like you!

K and I enjoyed a swim play date today with 4 month old Aidan and his mama, Courtney (my former coworker). What a DOLLY. Seriously. Holding this light -as-a-feather sweetie pie had my ovaries wishing they could pop out eggies for another baby NOW. He is just so personable, and good natured! He and K had a blast at the pool - although K had more fun walking around the patio area and running away from mama, rather than swimming and splashing today - her new found freedom with walking has kicked up a notch.
Afterwards, C and Aidan came over for sandwiches and guacamole and chips (and put up with me on the phone with Freedom Drug relaying information for my IVF meds), and K was obsessed with "baby, baby, baby!". She was so cute. She kept making her kissing sounds towards him, and after lunch, proceeded to help "rock, rock, rock" Aidan in her chair, and give him some more quick, sneaky pecks. She also helped make sure the baby had his pacifier whenever he dropped it. He loved it and was fascinated by her. What a fun (and tiring) day for K and mama! And, watching K interact with the baby made me feel somewhat confident that she would love to have a new baby sissy or brother (hee hee).

rock, rock, rock
nice, baby
big cheese from Aidan
going in for a kiss


FinnLand said...

SO CUTE!! I saved them onto my computer too, hope you don't didn't copyright them did you? ;)

Piccinigirl said...

soooo cute...
(and Gio has that outfit and that chair too...)

K is so socialable and wonderful...what a beautiful little girl you are raising.


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