Friday, August 08, 2008

New things we enjoy at home

Keifer received this cool slide from her big cousins Abby & Mason last weekend, and LOVES to climb up it. She wasn't so sure about going down the slide, but has since conquered that fear: by going down on her stomach and hands (crawling, really). In all reality, it makes sense. Young toddlers are still developing their sense of balance (vestibular system) and "where their bodies are in space", so by crawling down on her tummy, she not only has control of her environment and safety, but she is also able to feel the slide and feel the input of it in her body, and isn't wildly flailing down the slide, unsure of where she is in space (now how is THAT for a lecture on your bodie's sensory status? Can you tell I'm all ready to go back to work and deal with kids who might have sensory system issues? LOL).
So proud of herself climbing "up up up"
Getting into position to start the descent
Going, going....
...and back up! So excited. But this time, once was enough for her.......
And K also loves to get into Daddy and Mommy's socks and attempt to put them on her feet. I'll have to try and get a video clip of her trying- she concentrates VERY hard and says "sock, sock". Here she is modeling the late-summer fashions of "one sock on" a leg.
*and notice we've taken out one of her Little People toys? She LOVES the slide - we're working very hard on the concepts "up" and "down - Wheee!" Her favorite part is that the slide has a button that you can push to hear the kids' laughing. She giggles along with them. She also enjoys wildly flinging the swing around and saying "swing, swing!"


kristine said...

so is she in full force on the walking now? kinda looks like it in the slide picture

Marketing Mama said...

Love the new slide, awesome! :)


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