Friday, August 08, 2008

What are we listening to? You must hear this:

First off, Mama and K have been enjoying listening to the Juno soundtrack in the car. It's a mix of many different alternative-folky type music, and has some fun, catchy tunes that you'll be singing along with in no time. I also love the fact that it combines the Kinks *Well Respected Man* with Buddy Holly *a long-time favorite of mine, actually since I was 10*. Listen; I bet you won't be disappointed. I even catch Keifer bobbing her head to some of the tunes in the back.

And in K's corner, she has LOVED listening to Sing Along with Putumayo's disc,that combines "delightful folk and blues classics". I wasn't so sure I'd like it: one listen and I was HOOKED! Seriously! Rufus Thomas sings in a groovy, soulful fashion Old MacDonald had a Farm and K was singing along the first time with the "Eee Eye, Eee Eye, Ohhh's". I like the Bellybutton Song,and I'm sure once K understands the lyrics a bit better, she'll giggle along with me, as she is obsessed with everyone's belly buttons these days! I also pictured myself swing dancing across the living room when Red, Red Robin came on.

More soon! I promise! We're just enjoying our summer non-stop!! :)

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