Friday, September 26, 2008

BUT: what is going on with our IVF cycle? (UPDATED AS WE GO)

I know, I know: you're here to find out the status of our cycle.
I'll chart it out for you, and in hopes that you understand it. If not, email me with any questions, and please, if you have a spare moment, could you say a little prayer for us? Thank you.

August 6 - take a break off Birth Control Pills (DONE)
August 13 - restart pills (DONE)
take last pill September 3 - I should bleed/spot after this. (LAST PILL TAKEN!)
August 26 - start subcutaneous Lupron shots daily in the AM
at a certain dosage (to shut my ovaries down, to prevent them from ovulating) (STARTED!)
September 9 - reduce Lupron dosage. I also will start taking Estrace (estrogen) orally 3 x a day (I did my mock cycle and found out I need this 3x a day versus 2 to get my lining to where it needs to be for embryo transfer).
CJ and I will both start antibiotics on this day as well. (STARTED!!!)
I stay on all these meds until....
September 17 - lining check (ultrasound)
We'll find out more at my lining check and most likely start in with the progesterone (that big ol' thick needle) in my butt on a daily basis as well (*sarcasm here: "oh, joy").
Ultrasound COMPLETE! My lining is around a 7.2 and things are going the way they should. I rec'ed my instructions handout on when to expect all our meds to change, etc., and next Wednesday (the 24th) is the estimated ER! Keep your prayers coming! We appreciate them!
And, through all of this, there is another woman somewhere out there who is also starting HER meds cycle protocol, all because she is an angel on earth who is doing this to help us - and she doesn't even know us. Please say a prayer for her, too? Please pray for a healthy cycle for her, and some nice quality eggies!
Egg Retrieval was scheduled for this AM. CJ visited and left some swimmers with them. I called to see how many eggs were retrieved,but our clinic won't tell me *booo, hissss*. My nerves are shot. My stomach is literally in a knot and I feel like throwing up. I hate not knowing. The nurse told me that the embryologist will go over our information of eggs, etc., when we have our transfer, either Sunday or Tuesday. So now we wait until Saturday to find out what our next step is. AHHHH! And....I start my progesterone shots in my butt tonight. Ahh, can it get any more fun? LOL


Pegs said...

Prayers said for you and your anonomous egg angel!! I love having something (someone) else to focus on instead of our situation. I really appreciate your suggestions and will continue to say prayers for you and family.


kristine said...

lots of thoughts to you...

Marketing Mama said...

How exciting - good luck to you right now!!!

Wendy & Karen said...

Wow! You are so organized! I'll really be crossing my fingers for you.

Also, I don't comment all the time but I simply love keeping up with you and your family.

Piccinigirl said...

so looking forward to this cycle for you, I am praying and sending all my good vibes.
**calling all the angels for you**

Piccinigirl said...

so looking forward to this cycle for you, I am praying and sending all my good vibes.
**calling all the angels for you**

wiebke said...

i've got everything crossed for you!

and hey-- how did you figure out time travel? (it says this was posted on October 8th heehee(

Piccinigirl said...

one day closer and your U/S on the 17th is fast approaching,,,keeping the Angels on speed dial. :)


the Babychaser: said...

Sending good vibes to you and your egg angel! How amazing is modern technology? Who ever thought that something like this would be possible.

Thanks so much for the kindness and support you've given me. It's nice to "meet" you.

Piccinigirl said...

Oh that is GREAT news!!!!
Prayers are glad the Lining Check was PERFECT.


Bookerson said...

That is good news! Prayers are being sent your way.

Jennifer Prince said...

Tons of prayers and good thoughts coming your way!!!!

Kara said...

thinking of you and praying so hard for the next soupie baby in the works!


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