Friday, August 08, 2008

Our counting kid

K has started to repeat after us whenever we count out things (which we do unconsciously all the time), and it's so sweet. Now CJ is determine to make her a child prodigy and have her counting to 5 by age 16 months! LOL. She will say "two" and sometimes "three" after we prompt her with "one", and sometimes I'll hear her chattering in her own babble, with the "counting intonation" that we use. So sweet. *sigh*

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kristine said...

Graycen did the same thing around the same age...and then stopped. :( We're trying to get her to do it again.

Jenni said...

Ha! Just wait until you're starting a 3 count for her being naughty one day, and when you say "One!" she turns around and says "Two!" It's soooo hard to keep the stern mommy face! :)


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