Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 15 months, dear Keifer

For our 15 month photo session, I dressed K in my favorite outfit I bought from a friend of mine- it's an older style hula girl outfit, and is the perfect "hot summer day" outfit for a rowdy girl. K's hair today, in these pics, must be commented on. We went swimming this AM with my friend Jen, and her 23 month old daughter, Sloan, and K's hair is sunscreen-laden. It gets so greasy from the spray I put on to protect her scalp, and takes multiple washings to get out (only to be drenched in spray the next day, so what's the point, really? LOL). Anyhoo, as we were prepping (well, Mama was prepping) K found my headband and decided she wanted to wear it this afternoon, so there you go. My girl and her headbands!

Sassy gave our girl a good-luck kiss before the photo session began
Cheese! (she will repeat this now after us)
Yes, ME! It's true, I AM 15 months old!
I'm such a silly girl: I'm gonna get you!
Ripping her 15 month sign into shreds (our photo sessions don't last too long these days)
I recently posted about how much our girl is talking, and I could probably add a few more words to the list today. She is really understanding SO MUCH of what we say! She loves to brush her teeth and comb her hair, and if I even mention "brushing your teeth" she lights up and crawls to the bathroom for her toothbrush. The other night at Baby Ballroom, our teacher mentioned how the kids would go "upside down" and K immediately did her downward dog pose - as if she understood the directions perfectly! She blew me away! LOL.
She loves to dance,and she loves music (as I always say), and the last few days, she'll be humming to herself all.the.time. It's amazing to me. I love it. She loves when mama tangoes around the living room with her, and dips her upside down. She'll sign "more more more" for me to do it again. Ahh, yes, the signing of "more". K has been doing this sign MUCH more frequently lately, as she realizes it will get her more of things. Today, she even signed "more" for more swimming!
K also has learned the art of "ready, set, _ *go*"! She loves to say "go" already, but we've taught her to say this when we're on our walks or playing in the pool with her. We'll sit her on the edge of the pool, and she'll fall into our arms on "go". Well, I should say, we TRY to hold her back until "go" - our girl is fearless in the water and often takes a face full of water because she's so fast in it (in the zero entry area).
When we got home today after swimming, I reminded her that we were going to go change and take a nap, and she pointed upstairs towards her room, looked at me, and said "bottle?". Yep, she knows her routine! A few weeks back, when we were visiting my parents, when it was time for bed, K would point to her room at their house and say "nana? Nana?", because my mom is the one who puts her to bed there. Incredible.
I've also noticed, if K notices an audience on TV clapping (say, with Ellen or Oprah), she'll start smiling and clapping along with them. What a hoot.
K and I enjoyed a lunch out together today after swimming, as we had a 50 minute drive home and she needed to eat. The entire lunch was spent flirting with all the people at the surrounding tables. We had one little guy beaming; he must have been around 8 or 9 years old, and he kept saying, "that little girl is saying hi to me!". K also noticed that the Subway had fans in their establishment, that go "round and round". LOL.
Our girl still love love loves her food, any and all food. She loves to eat broccoli and peas, and I've recently commented to CJ that we should start calling broccoli "candy". She also loves strawberries and blueberries. The other night, with her blue mouth and hands from the blueberry juice, I had a vision of our K turning into a giant blueberry, just like Violet Beauregard.
Our girl is blowing kisses like crazy, and is able to now pucker her lips to "kiss', as well. When we say "I love you", she associates blowing a kiss with those words (so sweet). At bedtime, it sounds like she's saying "love you" when we say goodnight to her. Either that, or "night night".
And, as I posted yesterday, our girl is finally taking steps on her own. Funnily enough, she'll only do it when her daddy is home. Nice, huh? LOL. This girl is a classic daddie's girl: she screams (yes, screams!) when he arrives home from work, adn the first person she'll call for in the AM is "daddy! daddy!". But, overall, she is a mama's girl, too. We love our angel girl.


kristine said...

I can't ever get over how happy of a girl she is! I love seeing it!

Piccinigirl said...

She is truly the happiest little girl I have ever seen. Her joy just lights up the pictures.
The headbands are soooooo you, K!!!!

wow, you're growing so fast, slow down a little ok???

Auntie Kir loves you and your pretty hula outfit!


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