Monday, July 14, 2008

K is a total daddy's girl

Visiting daddy at work- where she was more interested in his Blackberry than anything else! *hee hee* (and yes, notice her headband)

Sooooo big - MN Twins girl

The merry go round
Last year at her first parade with cousin Abby & Uncle
And this year, her 2nd ever parade, which she LOVED! She waved at cars/people, clapped her hands and tried dancing to the music. The sirens were a bit loud,so daddy taught her how to cover her ears. Of course, the most exciting float for her was the one covered in balloons!! LOL


Pegs said...

I love your pictures, K is so photogenic!! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I've always gotten so much info from yours, so much in fact that its one of the main reasons I decided to make one of my own. I will have to check out "Hungry Girl", sounds like my kind of cookbook! My Chiro is an old friend of mine and is very much into homeopathic remedies. He does accupuncture but only for "sport" injuries, very limited. Haven't looked much further into anyone else here (another limitation for our area), I thought about Reiki also. I lost 20 pounds for our wedding and now would like to keep going, hence the interest in cooking. Thanks again, I appreciate any info!! Take care!!

kristine said...

definitely a daddy's girl. graycen's the same way.


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