Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Talk talk talk

Talk talk talk; Keifer loves to talk. She came out of my womb chattering away, most likely complaining that it was too bright and too loud in this crazy world she entered. But she has always been a talker, and I love that about her (among the 10 million other things! ha).

I have never officially written down the words she says, but I started to this AM, just because I've noticed other people with kids around her age have done the same thing. I'm by no means comparing her to any other child, as each child develops at their own pace, but it's fun and very interesting to see what her vocabulary is full of. Here is a list of the words that I could think of off the top of my head, after sitting for a few minutes. Sometimes its hard to remember them all unless they are in context! I didn't include her signs, but the majority of them are just the basic "more more more" and sometimes "water" or "all done", which has turned from waving her hands up in front of her, to wiping her hands across her tray to make even more of a mess with the leftover food.

  • pup pup
  • woof woof (sounds like this for the pup pup sounds)
  • no no no (very often!)
  • Sage/Sass
  • cat (ca)
  • cow (co) (on the wall next to her bed is the cows)
  • frog
  • turtle
  • fish (shish)
  • duck/quack quack quack
  • mama
  • dada /daddy is emerging
  • nana
  • papa
  • num num num
  • uh oh
  • tickle tickle tickle
  • truck
  • car
  • cold (for cans or cups of any liquid, it's all cold!)
  • hot (while fanning her hand in front of her mouth)
  • round round (for the fan, her fixation at this time)
  • hi
  • bye
  • amen (she's been singing this song a LOT lately)
  • all done
  • good girl (usually for Sager)
  • thank you (tan tou)
  • hair
  • hat
  • sock (ock)
  • eyes
  • baby
  • off
  • on
  • peek
  • cracker
  • go (especially go, go, go when she's walking)
  • here go
  • got it
  • ee I, ee I , ohh (for the old MacDonald or if she hears the word "farm", she'll sing this)

K is also able to blow her nose, which makes us all crack up. I think she's seen her allergy-ridden mommy blow her nose (honk honk) way too many times, and has caught on to what Kleenex/tissues are for. Whenever her nose is running (which is often, as I think she also has allergies), she'll blow her snot for us very dramatically, and she seems to prefer that her mama sees her snot to wipe. She'll come up to me, walking on her knees, blowing her snot and making her "uh uh" (give me attention) noises. So I wipe her nose, and she'll continue on her way until that nasty nose bugs her again.

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Piccinigirl said...

wow, you have some words little girl. I knew you were AMAZING!!!! Now ...you proved it!!


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