Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Amen" and other listening pleasures

K has always been a musical girl, as well as a kick butt dancer (LOL). Lately, when we've been walking or reading books, she'll seem to catch onto the tunes I'll sing or hum to her, and reproduce them later at unexpected times. Last week, while we were walking the pup pups (a frequent occurrence in this house), she started la la la-ing the "Amen" tune. I started to sing it to her, and by the end of our walk, she was singing along, loudly, with me.
Papa Dale downloaded the song for her this weekend, and the look on her face was priceless when I put it in my CD player, and me, my parents, and Auntie Barb started singing along with it to her. If looks were worth money, we would've been millionaires. LOL.

Yeasterday, driving home from up North, she was in the back reading one of her Maisy books to herself (yes, she sits with the book and chatters to herself, leading me to believe she is indeed "reading" them to herself), she suddenly stopped, made a little squeak of a sound, and shook her head for a minute to Madonna and Justin singing "4 Minutes". Thatta girl! A girl after my own heart, liking her Madonna and of course, Justin (as she was cooking in my belly when we saw JT in concert here!)

The other tunes she seems to have picked up on, I swear she got them from the Fisher Price Nursery Rhyme CD player toy. She will suddenly break into her version of "POP! Goes the Weasel" while dancing on/in her toy kitchen, and the other day I heard something along the lines of "This Old Man". She also will break into "Old MacDonald" if you even mention A) the word "farm", or B) any animals that might live on a farm, preferably cows in her case.

Every day in the AM, I like to catch up on my own music and top videos of the summer, so I'll turn on VH1's Jump Start to get our day started (along with a Coke Zero for that splash or two of caffeine, oye.). Well, this AM, while eating breakfast, K appeared to like a song/video by a band I have never heard of, the Flight of the Conchords, the song being "Ladies of the World". K was eating her waffles and blueberries and shaking her head and shoulders to the tunes, giggling at me if I watched her. I'm not really sure if it was the tune she enjoyed, or the silly guys rollerskating around and singing. LOL. "The ladies love the feel of the wheel!"

She also enjoys when I pick her up and dance around the living room with her. We (well, mama) has a preference lately for more Abba tunes (as Mamma Mia is coming out soon), and this AM, I was huffing and puffing our girl around to "Chiquita", a song I remember fondly, as my third grade teacher Mrs. Ling had us memorize and sing it for a choir concert (yes, I'm a bit perplexed by that as well! LOL). Anyhoo, our girl loves the dancing with mama, as whenever I stop, she rocks back and forth in my arms, signaling me "more more more dance, mama!"


kristine said...

Oh man! Flight of the conchords! David loves them! Just don't let her listen to the song "business time"

Wendy & Karen said...

I loved this post. You had me click, click, clicking on all these links. You can share more music loves anytime.


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