Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tumble bumble down the stairs

K took her first official tumble bumble down the stairs this AM. Ouch. Mama felt like the worlds' worst mother, of course, but I guess this was her inauguration into toddler hood, huh?
We had just gotten done taking the pup pups for their AM walk (and sweated our arses off, all of us), when I let K climb up the stairs to the living room. She has gotten quite good at going up and also descending them independently. Of course, we are always there to monitor her monkey skills.

Well, this AM mama and K both were confident and playing as she climbed, and I slipped past her, giggling as I went. She stopped for a minute, beaming her smirk of "I am so proud of myself", when whammo, she toppled backwards, slid down on her big Soupy noggin for about 3-4 stairs, and flipped feet over head onto her bum on the landing. I don't know who was more shocked and surprised, her or mama? She was scared more than hurt, thank God, and I comforted her for about 3 minutes before she started pulling to get off my lap and play with her toys. Whew. Ouch. Mama needed a shot after that. LOL.
Tumble Bumble is also the name of a cute book that I have at work, and when she tumbled, I immediately told her she took a tumble bumble.


kristine said...

Oh, poor girl! I am glad to hear she is ok though!

Piccinigirl said...

You're ok Keifer!!! So glad to hear it. TUMBLE BUMBLE ..I love it!!


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