Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yay for Spring!

Spring has finally arrived! After almost a week of overcast, rainy weather, today was finally gorgeous. Blue skies, sunshine, and warm temps. We had a wonderful weekend together - our first "family weekend" in quite some time.

Yesterday, after our family and K's one year pictures, we came home and went on the maiden walk using K's new Whisper Buggy - her birthday gift from CJ and I. She doesn't really know what to think of this quite yet: the only thing she knows is, she likes to go fast (she rocks her body back and forth if I stop or go to slow! HA!), and she likes to beep the horn. LOL. She also continuously said "hi" to her dada, and kept waving at him ahead of us, walking our fur kids.

Today, K and I went to church, where we were having a Goodbye Brunch/ Earth Day celebration. We were saying goodbye to our interim Pastor, who was the Pastor that baptized K and I in October. K did so well, I was so impressed with our little angel girl. She loved all the special music that was played and performed today (our dancer girl came out, rocking to and fro), and she loved the brunch we shared after the extended special service. After a short nap at home, we again took the Whisper Buggy out with the pup pups, and then Mama and Dada took her to the gym for some swimming. Our girl loved it - she loves to splash and kick her little legs as fast as she could go. She was so cute - she kept saying "hi" to the teen aged male lifeguard, who didn't see us. Hee hee. After swimming, Mama and K took a bath together, and then our pooped out girl took a long, late nap (along with mama, in her own bed). Whew. What a day.

Pics to come soon of our girl traveling in her buggy.

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