Monday, April 21, 2008

Why do kids have to be so mean?

Ugg. My heart could break. A child here at my elementary that I work in - one of the sweetest, gentlest boys: he was smacked by a bully in the bus line this AM, waiting to come in. I have no doubt he was hit because he is so non-confrontational; he is just so sweet and polite and plain old nice. The boy who hit him is a bully. He has no conscious, from what I have heard. He is the one that teachers predict will be in the newspapers one day, the shooter of something or someone.

As a parent, this freaks me out. Big time. I was near tears just feeling so sorry for the boy who was hit this AM, let alone, what if it were my CHILD that was hit? It scares me, this society, this world, of what may be in store for my child(ren) in the future.

We try to teach our children right from wrong, and how to be good people. However, there always seems to be those kids out there who seem to have no conscious. Which raises the whole debate: are "bad seed" born that way or is it environmental? Or both?

I don't know if you've seen or heard about the teen aged girls in Florida, who kidnapped another teen aged girl, and took her to a house and took turns beating on her and berating her (and stupidly, videotaping it all). I saw this clip on CNN when we were in Cancun, and it horrified me. It horrifies me to my very core: as a mother of a daughter. How do kids have no conscious about doing things like this?

Over our vacation in Mexico, I read 5 books. Pleasure books. I was in hog heaven, as I try to be an avid reader, and lately, time doesn't permit me to enjoy books without falling asleep. I borrowed a book from my co-worker, called We Need To Talk About Kevin, and whoa. I was blown away. If you haven't read this book, and are a reader and into topics other than light romance, I highly suggest it. I could not put it down, nor could my Sister-in-Law, Jill, who borrowed it when I was done. It deals with the whole "bad seed" topic, and a violent incident at school that the boy in the book orchestrates.

It is a scary world out there.


MIP said...

I completely agree with you. Just one more reason to treasure them when they are this small and you can still keep them safe from all the scary stuff out there.

kristine said...

It's reasons like this that I am so afraid to send my kids to school.

siteseer said...

Just came over from Two Lines On A Stick and found this topic interesting. I think it's bad seed and environmental. I say this because I've seen adopted kids that have all the advantages and everything just turn out horrible and you wonder where they originated from? That is not to say all adopted kids are bad seeds because that is DEFINITELY not what I'm saying.

Maybe we just have to teach our kids right from wrong and when to leave a scene. If something doesn't feel right get out. Our gut instincts are so often correct. We just have to learn to listen.


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