Saturday, April 19, 2008

One Year Portraits

We had the most wonderful experience today.
We had K's one year portraits taken, as well as a family picture. Oye. I was in tears looking at the pictures afterwards; they really captured K's personality, if you will. She looked so gorgeous. I wanted them all, but really, we all know that isn't possible. LOL.

You can see them HERE: at Flash Portraits.
Then, to to My Portraits on the left. You must know our last name to enter, and then our password is Kiefer. Yes, spelled wrong (backwards) but whaddya do?

Everyone at Flash was extremely kind, fun, and so sweet to K. We got told by many people how mellow and sweet our girl was, and she was dancing and playing with one of the ladies as we were picking out our pictures. She won a few hearts over today.

Then, we enjoyed a lunch in the food court, did some shopping, and had an awesome family day together. *sigh*. It's days like these that my heart could burst with love. If only the furkids could've handled being in the pictures.


Marketing Mama said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! She is so cute. It seems like you are happy with your experience there. Did they charge a sitting fee, too?

kristine said...

Those pics are adorable! I love her naked little butt! ;-) I think your family portraits are really cute, too. I am glad you had a good experience. So many people talk about how they were less than thrilled with Flash!

Kerry said...

Those turned out gorgeous!!! Baby K is as cute as ever ;)

Soupy said...

no sitting fee- I had a coupon (you can find it online at their website!) for sitting fee + one 8 x 10, plus wallets for $29. Then we just added a package on top of that, and felt it was really worth it. They took a ton of time getting to "know" us previously, the women were all So nice to us, and the session didn't feel "rushed". We used the Eden Prairie one, based on my friend telling me she preferred that one over her experiences at the Burnsville one. We drove the extra bit (we are right near Burnsville) but even Chris was impressed, which says alot! LOL

Piccinigirl said...

OMG, I love all of them. They are wonderful pics and I love the close up family one, you all look amazing.
Gosh, she just gets more beautiful every single day.
I can't believe she is 1. Holy cow , where did that year go?



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