Sunday, April 27, 2008

These shoes are made for.......well....crawlin'!

K recently got herself another new pair of Robeez, as she graduated out of her 6-12 month size, and is now in size 12-18 month. I had her measured at Stride Rite a few weeks ago, and she is a size 4 1/2 in baby /kid shoes. Of course, shoes may sound silly for a girl who isn't really about to walk yet; but mama wants her tootsies covered up when it's still chilly out and at child care, and in the summer, I'll want her to have something on when we're out and about in public.

Yes, our girl is having some issues with her standing and bearing weight. Her left ankle/hip has apparently always had a little bit of tightness going on (this I've learned through my good friend and co-worker, who is the most magnificent and smart Occupational Therapist I've ever met!). She checked K out a few months ago when she was army crawling, and had us do some exercises with her legs to get her to bear weight on all fours (hand and knees crawling). The exercises worked wonders and our girl was quickly on all fours instead of on her tummy. Now, when we try to stand her up with us holding her, she refuses to bear weight on her legs. Yes, she'll pull herself up to stand on tables and equipment, but she gets stuck in a "splits" position, and her left ankle/foot is pretty much facing sideways (similar to a ballerina/ballet pose). My OT friend is going to check her out this week again, since when she suggested to me that I give K some input on her ankles and feet (with light massage, etc..) K cried like I was hurting her. I fully trust my friend/coworker and we'll go from there. Until then, K will have cute shoes that offer good soles so that she gets used to the weight on her feet.

And, thanks to Nana Di, we also got a new pair of cute sandals from Jack and Lily this weekend. I wanted something "airy" for the hot summer days. Our girl has really long and NARROW feet, so they are a bit wide on her, but she seemed entranced by them and enjoyed wearing them around yesterday and practicing her climbing skills. Here she is modeling them, saying "Thank you, Papa & Nana!" *Papa helped pick them out, you know!*

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