Sunday, April 27, 2008

What is Keifer up to these days? A LOT!

Mama and Dada went to Cancun, and all I got was the "almost" too small Tshirt? Oye. LOL. *unbelievable that this shirt is almost too tight for our girl! AHH*
Oh me, oh my, where to begin?

Our angel girl is growing leaps and bounds in her ability to do and say things, and of course, CJ and I are proud as peacocks. Let's see......
~When her new Song and Story Chair crayons sing "la la la la la la la", K will laugh and sing "la la la" along with them.
~She is quacking with her toy ducks on a regular basis and attempting to say "duck" quite a bit, as well.

~In the tub, in her bath book, I'll ask her "where's the turtle" and she can point right at the turtle correctly! YAY! She'll then point at the frog, and say "gog".

~She calls a banana "nana" and will say "hot" at child care for Elaine.

~Whenever we hear music, wherever we are or whatever it is (out to eat as background music, my cell phone ringing, commercials on TV, the radio, elevators, car, you name it), our girl will rock side to side with the music that she hears. Tonight, we were out to eat with some friends of mine, and she was rocking out in her chair so hard to the Bee Gee's, I thought she would tip (thank goodness I always have my foot on the base of those high chairs! Whew). The girl knows some good music! The cutest thing, too, is that when she hears the music and starts dancing, she'll immediately look to mama to see if she is dancing along with her! LOL

~Although she has many toys and books, which she loves to look at on a daily basis, what really gets this girl smiling is a plain old half -filled water bottle (tightly closed). She loves to shake it and acts so proud when she splashed the water inside the bottle around. She's also been trying very hard to say "bottle", and both CJ and swear we've heard her say it more than once.

~Our girl is the biggest love bug cuddler you've ever met. She loves to crawl up to mama or daddy, and lay her head in our lap. She's always reaching her hands out to "share" her toys or food with us, and tonight at dinner, she kept leaning her head into my shoulder from her chair, to give me a hug. When we blow kisses to her, she blows them back, and she now thinks saying "I love you" means blowing a kiss. *sigh*. If she ever hears the word "love" in anything, she immediately starts blowing kisses. She also loves to give all her friends at Elaine's hugs when she leaves, especially Elaine.
~ Speaking of which, each and every AM, as I get her dressed, I'll ask her if she's ready to go see Elaine and her friends, and she'll respond by waving happily.
~Our girl is also signing two word signs! Last week, I was asking her in sign if she wanted "more water", and she repeated the same exact thing after me. Now, all I'll do is prompt her if she seems like she wants her glass, and she'll sign it! *hurrah*
~And of course, her favorite activity of late in the high chair is dropping her food to see where it goes (and how fast it gets gobbled up in our two dog household). *sigh*. Hence, mama having a hold of her water glass, instead of keeping it within her reach for now.

Poor girl is teething lately. She'll crawl around and play with this teething ring in her mouth, until the coldness stops and it gets all warm. Then, she prefers to grab mama's fingers and lead them straight to her mouth, where she'll chomp on them and giggle with delight when I pretend to be horrified.

More birthday gifts? THANK YOU, Auntie Kir! You are such a sweet Auntie! We can't wait to meet you and your boys some day! *we LOVE the outfit! and yes, we have to exchange for a bigger size, because our girl is so darn BIG! But, we'll get the same one: we love the colors and our girl does, too!* We don't mind her exploring some cupboards; don't worry, the important ones are locked up tight!


kristine said...

She is just too cute, Carrie. I hope the standing thing works itself out and she wants to do it soon. Sound slike your little girl is we would say here "SOOOOOOO BIIIIIG!"

Piccinigirl said...

wow, she is just getting so big. Growing up TOO FAST for me!! *sigh*
you are such a great mom and she is just more beautiful every day.
Plus I love that she loves her outfit, I hope you can get it in the next size.
We all love you Keifer, hugs and kisses from the boys. :)

Wendy & Karen said...

Fantastic update.

I love all her new words!


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