Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Suitcases and songs

I took out my big suitcase last night, and started the job of packing for Mexico. I went through clothes for over an hour and separated what fit - which didn't take long. I had a pile of pre-PG clothes that were "too tight" and a pile of stuff that was "too big" from last summer. Luckily, I do have a few pair of shorts and a pair of Capri's that still fit from last summer. I put together outfits for each night, and threw a couple of shirts in for daytime adventures. I figure we'll spend most of our time in swimsuits anyways. I did pack 2 of my older bikinis, with hopes of sucking in my gut and the knowledge that I won't know ANYONE down there, who cares if I have some extra rolls of flab, right? *sigh*.

CJ even took out HIS smaller suitcase and managed to put together a pile. Usually he is up until after midnight the night before we leave on trips, throwing stuff together and stressing mommy out. This time, we'll be prepared and let's hope that all goes smoothly with our travel.

We still have much to do to prepare: lists to finish crossing things off of.

Keifer was rocking out this AM to a little Red Hot Chili Peppers. It makes me wonder if she has any memory of hearing it in utero? She was funny: usually she pulls her socks off every drive in the car, and waves them around like a flag, laughing like a loon, and seeming to dance to the music. This AM, she was busy investigating her leg, in between her rock out sessions. I'm not sure if she was fascinated by the fact that there is something there under her pants, or that she has something on top of her socks. Hmm. She is a hoot. I love to see her in the mirror, so happy and babbling, and seeming to sing along with the music. And, the best part about her being able to finally hold her bottle independently, is that we can give her the bottle on the drive, and she's happy as a clam, flipping it around and investigating all it's parts, while mama plays her favorite music. There is a radio station, the "rock" station, that I play quite often and she seems to recognize their voices. It's funny. They are usually talking and making fun of things, and laughing, and I can usually hear K laughing out loud along with them. It makes my heart sing to hear her delightful little laugh,and see her precious smile in the rear view mirror.

It seems as though her upper teeth have finally decided to wake up and join the bottom two in her mouth. Her little canine tooth on her upper left side is finally poking through, and she has the beginnings of two more top teeth, also on her left side. It'll be fun to come home next week from Mexico and see how much progress they have made. However, the fact that our girl has very few teeth does NOT stop her from being the ultimate eater. She still loves to chomp away on any and all foods, and continues to gobble down veggies, such as her favorite broccoli, as though it were candy. Keep it up, K! Funny girl: she doesn't like juice! Even the watered down version! She is truly a mama's girl: I never really gravitated towards sweets; salty was my game.


The Burp Cloth Babe said...

So cute... Enjoyed your blog! Isn't teething funny? My poor little guy is getting his canine teeth in before his 2 front teeth!HAHA

kristine said...

Teething! YOwsa! Cute stories. i love reading all about k. I can seriously see her sitting in the back seat waving socks. too funny!

Piccinigirl said...

I love it, she loves music as much as her mama!! The story is awesome and something I def look forward to.
Have fun in Mexico...I am SOOOOOO jealous!


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