Friday, February 15, 2008

Booked- we're going on vacation

CJ just called. We're booked. We're hitting the Cancun Riviera Maya area in April for 5 nights, with CJ's brother and his wife. My parents will watch K and the fur kids for us, and we'll enjoy the tropical weather, all-inclusive food and drinks, and sleep! I'm so excited! I'm a little sad; I've honestly NEVER felt this sadness when booking a trip before. I think it's because we are leaving our girl for 5 nights. Granted, she'll be in the best care possible, but still, I've never been away from her with her daddy as well for this long. My heart already misses her. Plus, we get home the night (yes, night) before her 1st Birthday, and I'm a tich nervous about not being able to say goodnight to her the night before - even though she has no idea what a birthday even is!
After all we went through to finally have her, I'm a bit goofy about her 1st birthday!

On a side note, I've been using Neutrogena's Dry Touch Sunscreen, with high SPF and Helioplax, for about a year now as my sunscreen of choice. However, I found that it gets really flakey on my face, and I'm wondering if any of YOU, especially readers who may find you spend lots more time in the sun, might have better suggestions? Something with a good SPF, and good lasting appeal, for not TOO many pesos. Anyone? Ever since I had that basal cell carcinoma (aka cancer) on my face/ear last summer, I've been obsessed with making sure every INCH of ANY exposed skin is covered properly.


kristine said...

How exciting. You know, I know exaclty how you feel about wanting to say goodnight to her the night before her birthday. I was so nostalgic and sentimental with her the day before her birthday. I kept thinking.. "ok, at this time, my water broke" and "at this time, we were being admitted into the hospital" it is a very emotional thing for a mom to go through. You're not being goofy at all!!
Congrats on going on a vacation! I am jealous!
No recommendations on the sunscreen. I am interested in what people do recommend though!

Jamie said...

I am so jealous!

Ahuva Batya said...

How fun! I can imagine it may be a little bittersweet, but I know you'll have a great time! I don't have any good suggestions for sunscreen: I use Estee Lauder lotion with sunscreen for my face but I imagine spf 15 may not give you the comfort level you need in sun protection, and whatever lotion I can find at the drugstore with SPF in it, during the summer. It doesn't seem like there are many choices in that department, and it seems like there should be a ton.

DMB ( said...

So exciting! I bet you guys can't wait, even though it'll be a little sad that you're away from your sweet girl.



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