Friday, March 14, 2008

Vampires Got My Arm

I had my first official blood draw yesterday AM for our upcoming donor cycle. I have to say, I absolutely HATE having my blood taken. My arms are not the most cooperative in the first place, having thin, hiding veins. After going through years of blood draws for all the millions of cycles we were trying for baby #1, well, it took it's toll on my arms. I'm actually to a point now that when I go to have my blood drawn, I have to remind myself to deep breathe and RELAX, as I start to tense up and anticipate the pain.
I once had a nurse tell me to always ask for the "butterfly" needle, as it's the easiest to slip into my arms, so I usually make sure that the nurse complies with that.

I won't hear any of the results - these labs were basically repeat infectious disease checks, and CJ has to have his done on Monday AM, along with his swimmer analysis. We'll meet with our doctor on Tuesday, for our 3 1/2 hour appointment, and then we'll know more about what to expect for this new cycle.


Bookerson said...

That is very exciting! I know it feels good to get that underway.

I can understand about the blood draw as well. After a while my veins started to 'run' away from the nurses!

Jamie said...

Butterfly needles are by FAR the best. I am so excited and hopeful for your cycle!

MIP said...

Thinking good thoughts for you all :)


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