Friday, March 14, 2008

My girl likes to party all the time

Last night, after work, we had our belated holiday party for my ECSE staff. I had to bring Keifer with me, as the party was at a restaurant a couple minutes away from my work, and K's child care is located 2 minutes away from me. Plus, CJ had plans, so I was in charge of our girl.
Everybody was so impressed with how wonderfully our angel girl managed the social event. She was able to hang out with us all, and be passed around, for 2 hours straight! Of course, I kept her fed with munchies, food and a bottle, and she had plenty of things to absorb. It was so much fun! I found out that she really likes to read wine lists and Easter brunch menus, and can't be left alone in those high top wooden high chairs, as she'll start rocking it (and flip mommy out with visions of crashing babies dancing in her head). She was safe, but no more high chairs for our strong 11 month old. Oye.

This weekend, we'll be hanging out with CJ's extended family - they are all coming into town and most of them have not met K yet! We are so excited to see them all and I hope our girl manages to hold her own with the party animals in his family! *(smiles)*

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