Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday night quickies

Sassy Sager was found by me last evening with her snout deeply buried in the Snack Trap inside my diaper bag. I had the Snack Trap filled with Puffs, and apparently not only Keifer likes them!
Keifer loved me brushing her two teeth and rubbing her gums with her new finger toothbrush and orajel baby toothpaste. I have heard and read that early tooth care is important, and I was a bit hesitant to start this ritual, but K really seemed taken with it. She smiled and giggled and let me rub it all around her gums. Of course, it probably helps to have a silly mama who likes to sing during every routine of the day. My song of choice tonight was,of course, Brush Your Teeth by Raffi.
K loves her some chopped broccoli. This girl eats it like candy, humming with pleasure as she shoves it in her mouth, as fast as she can. After dinner tonight, she had pieces of deli turkey in her hair, and a piece of broccoli in her bangs. It's a good thing she loves her baths so much now: we had to take another one tonight! Man, that girl is a fishie in the water. She can't kick her legs fast enough! And on a side note, whenever she eats her broccoli, I immediately start saying "choppin' broccoli". Remember that Dana Carvey bit on SNL with the Choppin' broccoli song??
Papa Dale loves his K so much, he even does his own shopping for her! He bought her a new "play rug" for in front of her toys. He and Nana Di had to come to the Cities on Friday for some vending machine "stuff", so they took us all out to dinner, and helped us put K to bed. He was so excited for K and I to get home after work, he sat with the fur kids in the window, looking for us. K really loves her new rug: in fact, its her spot of choice when she watches her beloved"Baby Signing Time", see?
Doesn't she look so big? *sniff*


Marketing Mama said...

Oh how cute! We love Signing Time, too!

Wendy & Karen said...

This totally looks like Kylie's room--her sitting with all her toys wrapped around her. It's adorable--I'm glad you shared the picture with us.

Wendy & Karen said...

Also, I can't serve or eat broccoli without singing that SNL song. It still totally cracks me up!

kristine said...

Very cute! She is getting too big!

Jamie said...

She is such a doll!! I can't wait for birthday pictures next month!!

And yes, I always check out your links -- some of the neatest purchases I've made have been based on your recommendations! Thanks!!


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