Monday, March 10, 2008

11 months old today!

Here it is again, the 10th day, the day that comes once a month, marking the growth of our angel girl. Eleven months old today. It is so hard to believe that one year ago, I was waddling around, counting the days until I was going to meet her, anticipating the joy and new life that she would bring to us, and the changes that would mark our lives forever.

Here she is. Our beautiful, funny, smart, animated, drama diva who makes us laugh every day and has us covering our ears when she wants something NOW! She is stubborn, funny, and talks in gibberish to us all the time. She loves to wiggle her tongue back and forth in her mouth and explore new sounds -be it clicking, clacking, smacking her lips with enjoyment of her food, shhhing, choo chooing, buzzing, or screaming! This mouth was made for eating, but she's taking her own sweet time in holding her bottle on her own entirely, or even sipping liquids from her sippy cup with any gusto.

K's hair is becoming oh-so thick, yet it is still baby fine,and hard to manage. She wakes up every morning looking like she was out late partying at a rock concert, and I like to call her my 'Rooster K" or my Mohawk girl. I wet her hair down every morning in the bathroom, and I swear she anticipates and is excited to say "hi" to that gorgeous baby in the mirror who is ALSO getting her hair combed/wet down. Her eyelashes are starting to curl up at the end (where did she get those?), and although she only has 2 teeth still, her upper gums are showing us that 3 teeth will soon be descending (uh oh).

K loves to attempt to blow kisses to us, and we swear she is saying "sock" and "book" to us every day. She LOVES her books; she loves them so much, she'll do anything to get the books/photo albums/magazines/newspapers off the coffee table so she can "read" them. She can hold the book all by herself and is easily able to turn the pages (board books only, of course!). We've already got a few rips in some of the paper books.

Turn on some music, and K will immediately start bopping her head to the rhythm or dancing on her knees. She loves to shake things and clap them together with her hands: blocks, rattles, her SOCKS!, toys, you name it. I love to peek in the backseat and see that my sock bandit has once again taken off both her socks and is madly waving them around like a crazy child, singing along to the music. She hums with enjoyment when she eats her food.

K loves to drop things from her perch up in her high chair, and will look to the side to see where it went, and will we get it for her? She also loves looking for her books in her rocking chair in her room: she's no dummy. She knows where the goods are!

K loves being social, and enjoys children so much. She will say "hi" to them in her sweet, shy way, and has started playing "shy" by tilting her head to the side and smiling when she sees somebody and she's unsure of them. It will take her about 5 minutes to warm up to you if she hasn't seen you in a while. Daddy CJ and I are the lucky ones: when she sees or even hears us arrive home or in her room, she starts bopping her head madly up and down, wiggling her body and screaming with joy! Tell me that isn't the most magical sound in the world! *sigh*.

A great big giant THANK YOU to cousin Aubrie Lynn in Duluth- she provided the adorable outfit for today's photo shoot! *hee hee* We love and miss you, Aubrie (don't think just because Aubrie is 2 years old, that she isn't on this blog- oh no, she's here, oogling K along with the rest of you!). We'll be home next week, Aubrie!

oh, no, not another photo shoot!
What? I'm how old? I better get crackin' on my birthday party plans! I've only got a month left!
Hmm, this is one of my favorite all time books!
Deep in concentration (she usually lights up with glee, laughs out loud,and anticipates the children in this book - every night!)
Wait! I know I have more books on the side of this chair!
Let me see if I can reach them!
See! Another book I love!
I love these touchy-feely books!
I love when mom starts singing Patty Cake, Patty Cake!
Thanks for looking !

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MIP said...

I love her hair in these pictures, she looks like such a little lady :)


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