Monday, March 17, 2008

Score! Finally, a swim suit

Finally, I have found a swimsuit! A swimsuit I LOVE! YAY!
My SIL Jill and I hit the MOA (which was literally minutes from the hotel we stayed at) on Saturday, leaving our kids in capable daddy hands, and we went hardcore swim suit shopping. Three hours later, we both left with a new suit. I found my suit at Everything But Water, a swim suit shop, where they had hundreds upon hundreds of suits. I must have tried about 15 of them on! I was finally successful with this suit, only in a really pretty emerald green (hey, if CJ commented on how pretty the color is, you KNOW it's nice!). It makes my small bust look somewhat bigger, the scrunchy front fabric covers the love handle flabs, and the bottoms are perfect! Best of all, I don't feel like a frump in a "mom suit", you know? LOL.

And, to get into tip top swim suit weather, I hit the Yoga/Pilates fusion class on Saturday, also with Jilly, and today I did a Fitness Pilates class, then the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. I have a week off of work this week for spring break, so I took K to child care (heck, we're paying for it), and now I'm having a "mom's day".

Interestingly enough, my lower abs have NO STRENGTH whatsoever after having the C-section last April. I could barely lift my body off the floor using my entire body. It's almost embarrassing, but since there were only 4 of us that showed this AM for the Pilates class, the instructor was able to help me a bit, and explained to me that I will be able to regain strength down there, but I just need to continue to work on it. I have to say, I'm loving the instructors lately that I've been meeting. They are so down to earth and personable, and I never feel awkward taking a class from them.

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kristine said...

YAAAAY!!! That is awesome that you found a suit! I guess I had assumed you went there. I don't know why I didn't think to suggest EBW. It's a GREAT store if you need a suit. Especially if you are sized like a real woman and don't need the same size on top and bottom!
It's also great that you are having good experiences with instructors in your fitness classes. it really helps to keep y ou coming back.


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