Saturday, March 15, 2008

One, two, three, four, five...we caught a fish alive

And her name was Keifer!

CJ's family is in town (they are the North Dakota crew) and we are whooping it up this weekend at a local hotel. Papa Jimbo will stay tonight with the pup pups so they don't get lonely or afraid (we've never left them overnight alone, nor would I want them to be alone all night). K didn't have her swimsuit last night; we didn't plan on her swimming, as her and I stopped at the hotel after work and child care. Alas, that didn't stop Betsy or Laura from grabbing their youngest cousin and helping her get her mermaid fin going. Our girl is a natural; you can see more at the dropshots briefly, but man oh man, it's like she knows EXACTLY what to do! It's amazing! Her little frogger legs help her complete a soon-to-be prize winning breaststroke (I know it! LOL).

Here she is with Betsy and then with Laura and Betsy's 3 year old, Oscar. Oscar is a doll. He was enchanted with Keifer (and she with he), and they've already shared some kisses as cousins. We'll have a slew of pics after the weekend!

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kristine said...

You really do have yourself a fish. Don;t ya?


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