Monday, March 03, 2008

Restless Nights

This weekend has been trying in the area of sleep for poor Keif (and mama and dada). *sigh*. Friday night, she was up for most of the early AM hours, working on some poos. Nice, huh. She was constipated and kept pooing out a small, marble size pellet, only to fall asleep, and then wake us up again, screaming with the effort of another marble size pellet. *sigh deeply*. Then, while changing her after poo #2, she managed to wet her bed, so I had to wake CJ up to hold her, while I stripped her sheets, changed them (which is a huge PITA because of the whole crib mattress set up), and then she did poo #3 about an hour later. Uggg. She was exhausted, I was exhausted, and I ended up sleeping until 11AM that morning.

Saturday we cleaned up and packed up a bunch of K's baby items, which made my heart very sad. We packed up her Boppy and extra covers, her Jumper, and her Duck tub. *sniff*. Then, we babysat our niece and nephew and Abby enjoyed watching me give K a bath. K sure does enjoy kicking her little legs in the big tub, with so much room.

Yesterday, K still wasn't feeling 'right', we could tell, and Daddy was tired, so we ended up missing church AGAIN, which aggravates me to no end, as we have a new Pastor and yesterday was her introduction. Oh well, what do you do? In the afternoon, we ran a few quick errands, hoping to get in and out of Target and the grocery store without K getting TOO cranky, but that didn't happen. She was a cranky mess for her afternoon nap, and woke up crying from it two times.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided last minute to try a "Total Conditioning" class at the gym, and whoa, Nelly, what an intense workout that was! I was dying. But in a good way. I got home for K's bedtime, which didn't happen as successfully as we wanted.

I had just been bragging this past week about what an excellent "go to bed girl" K is, and last night, she proved us wrong. She was put down by CJ after her nighttime ritual of her books and bottle, but she ended up screaming bloody murder when he left the room. I went in there, and she said "Mama, mama", so I picked her up to rock her, thinking she didn't feel good and wanted mama to help her settle down. Well, the rocking quieted her, so I put her down again,only to have her immediately pop up and scream again. We repeated this cycle a few more times, when we finally threw in the towel,and just picked her up and took her in our basement, where we were trying to watch American Gangster. I know, bad parenting, we should've let her cry it out (CIO), but in all honesty, she usually NEVER does this, so it was so hard to handle and listen to. I'll have you know, K enjoyed the first hour of the movie, including saying "hi" several times to Denzel and Russell, but finally mama had to put her down again. She cried for about 4 minutes, but finally passed out. Our poor girl. And poor mama, I'm so tired! *On a side note, maybe she thought Russell was her dada up on the big screen, since so many people who know CJ think he looks like Russell? Discuss amongst yourselves*.

On another note, the movie was very good, if not a little too long. Two thumbs up on that from our home.

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kristine said...

I feel for you. We have experienced way too many of these nights (not recently, but still) and they are a PITA, I agree. Hopefully she will get herself back on track and mommy & daddy can enjoy some of their time - or sleep.


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