Monday, March 03, 2008

Psycho Puppy

As much as K LOVE LOVE LOVES this Fisher Price Puppy, with all of its cute sayings and songs that she enjoys (including the ever -so -fun Patty Cake), this dog is psycho! I'm not kidding you! It is probably the touchiest toy on the planet. A whisper of a touch of air has this toy "going off" and laughing and talking and singing.
Many times, we've been sitting eating dinner or in the other room, when we're suddenly heard a laugh and "got my toes" or "hug me!".

The final straw for me was last week when CJ and I were sitting in the basement, catching up on our DVR'ed shows. We were enjoying the show Dexter, which CBS is now showing, and it is a slightly creepy show. I thought I heard someone talking, and it wasn't coming from the monitor, so I had CJ pause the show. What did we hear? Ahh, yes, it was psycho puppy upstairs on the coffee table, laughing and singing his ABC's to his little puppy heart's content. Truthfully? It freaked me out and I was so scared to even go upstairs alone! No stuffed animal should have me scared to walk around my own house! Well, unless K received a
Chucky doll, then that would be understandable! LOL.


Marketing Mama said...

Yes, that puppy is notorious for freaking people out. I had to manually turn ours off (in the back, by the batteries) because I was so sick of it going off unintendedly. Eventually it got moved to the basement... and then out of sight... FOREVER.

kristine said...

My niece has one of those. Who gave it to her for her birthday? But of course, me! She loved that thing - brought it everywhere. It was so annoying!

MIP said...

I had the same thing with a little fish toy our mister had. In the middle of the night it would start playing it's little tunes... I finally had to take it out of commission, it was too creepy

Jennifer Prince said...

We had that too and it freaked us out!! Needless to say, after the battery wore out, we didn't renew!


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