Monday, March 03, 2008

Booked: Pictures

Well, I did it. I just booked K's one year pictures (and a family picture, hopefully). I booked them at the Eden Prairie Flash! Digital Portraits , simply because I like, from what I've seen from them, what they can do with pictures. Friends of ours (well, friends who ended up to be long lost cousins, long story there), have had good luck with the Eden Prairie Flash!, and I've seen my co-worker's grandson's pictures from there. We'll see. Either way you look at it, they will be pictures of Keifer, and what could be so wrong with any of those? Probably nothing, knowing what a ham bone she is. Here's hoping for health and safety until after the pictures in April!
Is it so silly that I've totally excited for these? Excited, yet sad; sad that our angel girl is going to be one years old. *sigh*


kristine said...

I know that feels good to know it is done! It is such a bittersweet moment for your child to turn 1. So happy yet so sad.

Laura said...

How exciting! I'm sure the pictures will by wonderful!


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